So many resources, so little time!  We have so many options in our iLEARN content area to serve and support our aquatics community:

  • iGUARD – key principles for improving lifeguard performance.  One concept and approach in this training is to INVESTIGATE your zone instead of “scanning”…
  • iCAMP – Aquatic safety principles for camp counselors and staff.  Concepts covered include being INTENTIONAL about transfer of care and ownership of campers…
  • iLEADER – Is a 5 level progressive training designed to specifically for the aquatics professional.  Each level contains 25+ modules aimed to connect and challenge with leaders at their current position:
    • iLEADER 101 – Advanced Lifeguards / Future Leaders
    • iLEADER 201* – Lead lifeguard / Head Guard / Captain
    • iLEADER 301 – Supervisor / New Manager
    • iLEADER 401 – Manager
    • iLEADER 501 – Experienced Manager / Director+

*201 level is designed to meet al current standards of the Model Aquatic Health Code.

  • iTEACH – Is a training designed to improve instructor skills and master effective teaching strategies.  As important as the content is the way it is delivered!
  • iCONNECT – Is a training program designed for the executive or upper level management who is new to aquatics or for the professional without aquatics background who wants to improve knowledge of the aquatics areas for cross-training and promotional opportunities. iCONNECT gives an overview of important concepts in the aquatics operating world that are essential to upper level management and decision making.
  • iRESPOND – A training program designed for law enforcement and other responders to emergency situations.  The iRESPOND content is designed to educate critical responders in drowning response to improve confidence and positive drowning outcomes.

Visit our iCORE home page to learn more about additional program offerings…