• Aquatic Litigation Support

    We are aquatic safety experts, providing the legal community

    with a contemporary voice on aquatic related matters.

    Areas of Specialization

    • Lifeguarding – Surveillance procedures, training curriculums, application of skills, water park, swimming
      pool, lakes and ocean operations.
    • Drowning – Fatal and non-fatal outcomes both in a lifeguarded and non-lifeguard environment.
    • Accident investigations – Attraction injuires
    • Non-Lifeguarded Aquatic Operations – Local / State / National Code Compliance. Operational best practices and standard of care.
    • Warnings and Signage 
      Appropriateness, positioning, and visibility.
    • Diving Accidents – Swimming pools and open water environments.
    • Water Slide Injuries
    • Slip and Fall Injuries

    We specialize in forensic consulting,
    investigation and expert witness services for the aquatics community, pools, waterparks, water slides, and any other type of aquatic venue or operation.

    The following are different services which may apply throughout retention:

    • Initial consultation
    • Accident analysis and reconstruction
    • Assistance throughout discovery
    • Authoring report
    • Application of standard of care to fact pattern
    • Expert Testimony – Deposition, Mediation, Trial
    • Assistance with demonstrative aids for trial