Aquatic Safety Consulting

Utilizing our operational experiences laced with the cause and effect realities gained from investigative and litigation experiences, we provide the aquatic community …
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We Believe Everyone is Important We are a comprehensive aquatic risk management firm dedicated to the prevention of drowning and catastrophic aquatic injuries through …
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Aquatic Accident & Drowning Investigations

We specialize in providing the insurance industry, aquatic community and legal community with a resource for immediate accident investigation services. The benefits of …
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Aquatic Litigation Support

We are aquatic safety experts, providing the legal community with a contemporary voice on aquatic related matters. Areas of Specialization Lifeguarding - …
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We serve through quality consulting, trainings, education, investigations, and legal support services.

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Aquatics Leadership: Anticipation vs. Discipline

Anticipation vs. Discipline The idea of discipline has been talked about ad nauseam lately.  The idea being when there is something you don’t want to do, and you do it anyway.  I like the idea in my personal space as I understand there will not always be motivation to work out, or motivation to get up early to work on my personal dreams, or motivation to do certain positive things, but I should do them anyway.  The self-help industry is filled...

WingGuard: A Different Perspective on The Down Guard Position

I am constantly on the hunt for ways to improve or increase effectiveness, and I’ve had my eye on the “Down Guard” position for awhile, so let’s start with some “Down Guard” background information.  The “Down Guard” idea was generated out of safety and the ability to respond to emergency situations with more than one guard.  We typically see this concept in facilities that have 1-3 (sometimes a few more) guard positions.  It can be as simple as...

What Does Drowning Look Like: Why Do Some People Splash and Others Don’t?

What Does Drowning Look Like: Why Do Some People Splash and Others Don’t?

First, let’s start with the fact that the title of this article is the truth: some people DO splash and others DON’T when they are drowning.  We have been able to review hundreds of videos of people in the drowning process and I want to start by making sure we are on the same page.  Sometimes we see large amounts of copious splashing, sometimes a little splashing, sometimes intermittent splashing, and sometimes no splashing at all.  As a...