How Can OoASC Elevate Your Operation?

Starting Points: 

  • The Landscape of Aquatic Operation is changing.  Aquatic Operations and Operators are being held to different standards and are being evaluated differently. 
  • If you have a drowning event or injury at your facility that turns into a claim and litigation, a lot more than just your lifeguard performance will be evaluated and dissected.
  • OoASC is different than a lifeguard training agency.
  • One of our goals is to serve, support, and elevate Aquatic Operations and Aquatic Operators.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Are you doing the same things you have always done? Are you prepared and adapting to the new landscape in aquatics?
  • Do you have a third party looking at your entire operation, not just lifeguard performance?
  • Are your operation and operators continually improving?
  • Do you know the areas of your operation that are going to be looked at if you get into litigation for an injury or drowning event?

How an OoASC Risk Assessment / Client Relationship is different:

  • We are not a lifeguard provider (we work with all types of lifeguarded operations).
  • We view your operation through our filter of conducting over 850 accident and drowning investigations and hundreds of litigation processes. 
  • We evaluate and provide suggestions based on a holistic approach to your entire operation.
  • We will look at your lifeguards, but not in the same way your lifeguard agency audits.

We are here to support you.  Contact Us for more information.